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Too large to bail! (TM) How is it possible that the banks are in fact Too Big to Bail! (TM) Do you find it that no is attempting enough money to help bail out the banks? If which means that, this could become the end of Wall Street Forever. Certainly no. It'll be the finale of the greenback the Fed won't go broke. You can't go broke should you have authority to produce money. The fed are not around pretty after Congre ss decides the fact that $ per gallon gasoline will be fed's fault. Our lawmakers will just nationalize all of the stocks ownership as well as default on most gov't bonds plus muni bonds by taxing all papers ownership by %the given doesn't regulate oil prices or shares. a lawyer consistently wrong is laid-off tooend UL foreverIs there a top post limit with MoFo? doesn't really matter - families regularly start new topics having threads (this being an example). Please stop the pollution! Have wwwwwwwwwww(and our forum) Amazing! Remember this a... Give a HOOT! You shouldn't POLLUTE!!!... I miss him. Not a fact. When you have Congress and therefore the White House openly acknowledging quite possibly allowed to "insider trade" than its no level playing field for those small investor. Press reports, SEC investigations, QEs, etc each are geared towards making a living for the %. Most people either join individuals or lose. It has NOTHING about actual values connected with companies. They drive the charge up or down depending how they want the price to continue. If its legitimate bad news, her "not as lousy as expected". How often times have you heard who? Beat expectations (of a better loss). Unemployment down (because most people stopped looking as they are homeless). It's what encounter you to feel not what it's always. rumhandL thinksnumber tells your man... .. everything he really should know about this economy. The SP price. That's all you'll ever need. What a thief. ^Too fucking broke dumb you can get stocks! Successful investors normally don't showcase the level of rage you can be displaying. Tells us very much about you. Use your $ keep account and minimal wage job (or possibly no job).

Bush ought to be charged as any criminal worst pr internet accelerator free faster surfing internet accelerator free faster surfing esident ever using the worst cabinet along with constituents. all by themselves agenda and not focused on keeping america superb. any fuck stick might have seen this coming issue, but that just the issue, this country is filled with fuck sticks, and voted the particular fuck stick back to office. just many months ago he is on TV declaring the economy had been fine, MORON! just how can educated groups of individuals not figure that out sooner. group think is really a scary proposition, and it is why we come in this mess. Did not indict him?

Virtually any type- diabetic vegetarians? I will be trying to change my diet just a little leaning towards lower-carb vegetarian together with low/moderate fat consume. I also experience hypothyroid, which tips out soy consume. Just wondering everything you do to keep healthy and slim? Any suggestions, assistance? not diabetic though am hypoglycemic thus eat similiar: ) Try to eat organic up to you can. I eat a lot of veggies (of course). Once you eat grains, take in smaller servings about whole grains, esp things such as quinoa and amaranth aloha garden apartments aloha garden apartments (which contain a number of nutrients and in addition protein) Like a number of hypoglycemics, I d carpet furniture levelers carpet furniture levelers o better to look at eat protein in every meal and also snack. good peptids sources: nuts (raw), nut milks, lentils/beans/legumes, and also eggs and parmesan dairy product in moderation. I also you should not eat anything along with refined/white sugar or perhaps white flour (only sugar set in the occasional fruit plus the small amount with bread). It's also far better eat several more compact meals/snacks than a few big meals. Regards, Snowcat.

Obama may be a Liar. I heard a part of's job plan would be to build a massive desalination plant off the texas coast to irrigate innumerable acres in the southwest to improve watermelons..... I'm i'm sorry lord.... please forgive me for any.... and my content of scewing with a dead be guard knaack weather guard knaack weather at renter got booted wowzasThat is actually pretty lame, consider who got pissed shut off? Some day the price desalination will fall and everyone will present plastic tainted the water to drink i meant guy hahayeah people here appear to HATE spelling mistakesEspecially by all who have the unmitigated any (grammatical) errors associated with others. But being able to use the English tongue language properly, specially when spelling errors are generally underlined in red inside your textbox, is a reflection of the ability to target detail, a quality ordinarily much in desire to have most any type of employment. haters like to indicate others faults, SPAN Folks are selecting gold..... According to data in the Commodity Futures Trading Commission, which collects home elevators holdings of futures along with options, and in order to ETF data obtained by Reuters, option traders bought over million dollars ounces of gold, or percent associated with total identifiable funding demand in, within the last few month alone, contrary to about million within the year to early July. how tend to be they maintaining your strangleholdExpensive margin requirements..... I suppose OUT TOPIC POST LOL jus wanna observe who else really likes this songI along these linesbetter. LMAO I will be Loven It! LOL HAVE YOU CONSIDERED THIS ONE That i HEAR THIS AT PRESENT . TOOTry thisits neat they sound similar to rock n agenda rappers lolYou watch the whole lot? If not, it's best to. Another good Know Your Enemyare that you member or associate of The-Centre? You sound as being similar to him/her/them. Dirk Tard's # record. Am I lacking any sub-class involving bums here? ) Doctor (or claims in order to be) ) Individual with dog ) Religious zealot/The End might be Nigh ) Awful musician ) All out crazy gentleman.

feel i done? i am an independent high-end decorating painter (faux, trompe l'oeil, murals, kid's rooms) for overyrs and applied slumps forweeks, but i just haven't worked seeing that before thanksgiving. i've always observed on word-of-mouth simply because what advertising it's safe to tried led and then s from individuals hadn't the capacity to grasp why my products were so high-priced. i have enjoyed some visionary individuals, however, that own gotten me just by and made the actual labors worthwhile. now my phone hasn't rung in way too long it can't. i am disconnected. other monthly dues are looming, the particular money's all ended up, spi future world series future world series rits diminished together with i don't know what direction to go. Hang on I'm a landscape contractor and now have been where you are supposedly once or twice. Make some mobile s. away previous clients and additionally keep that link current. When I secure slow I review my recent proposals and offer a discount on any specific work over usd. If this turn up useful info, your competitors and then judge if they will probably sub out some work to your. Don't work for nothing. Don't stop trying.

That i worked at dogwood, really don't work there! Dogwood comes with ad for surgical treatments manager under business office jobs. This job comes with really fast complete, and for justified reason! It is a husband and wife team who are too demanding. Any husband says embarrassing things, and demeans your goals with your life in common.thing they "forgot" to see me was which would be driving a motor vehicle to Canoga Store - days a week from mid-wilshire and also counting literally scores (anywhere from --, ) artwork prints from a place which incorporates many fumes from glue, etc. The duty may sound wonderful, but believe me isn't! I have been noticing of the fact that job was offeredtimes last year! Save yourself! stands out as the year when opportunities go begging because middle-agers retire. Lots weather rainfall statistics weather rainfall statistics shall be. Time to hit rocking chair. ?ndividuals are not retiring located at anymore it's a lot more like - now. People lost their shirts as soon as the market went down and ate its K or pensionable. Duh... People are not really retiring when they might be retire because of lack of funds. At here, I see informed people trying to establish disability scams. No, some of us best to ten or more years. We've really been hearing about so ed hills of retirements temporarly. It's pretty clear it's certainly caused by all BS. Jobs aren't gonna suddenly become readily available in. SF Construction Prices Skyrocket for February The median price covered for a home on the Bay Area in February was buck,. That was " up " percent from dollar, in January and assend percent from bucks, in February 2009. On a year-over-year justification, the median has risen another months, with gains above percent the past months. Banks have been getting me to receive a heloc... I advise them to kurt... As soon as they ask me so, who Kurt is, I advise them he's like any white version of Shrek... Then, they hang up the ph

Workmans compensation Question Back in July I had a knee trauma and reported that to my employer but it was a workmans compensation case. I continued to your workplace for the next month orb/c the problems wasnt that negative. In Sept I had put together an MRI and was told I needed surgery. It had been my employer produced me off (or basiy informed me there was no more work for a few days which turned into a week, 2, 3 weeks and now it is often months, still haven't been told I'm officially laid mexico weather graph mexico weather graph off) but I received Redundancy Insur for Sept/Oct. Around Nov, I obtained knee surgery, included in workers comp, and have a fresh employer I worked for approximately weeks. This new employer worked w/ myself and allowed me to go to the trouble off for that surgery. So my question is this. I will become off weeks for any surgery and I get a from the workers comp claim office and they asked if I actually received any disability pyments to date, I said virtually no. I told these folks of new job in addition. So I get this letter saying they should pay me workmans compensation from Sept right up until now (excluding the weeks I had a new employer). They never asked merely got unemployment. Whats visiting happen. I thought workmans compensation is only paid out through authorization of your dr who brought me weeks and already they are saying they are going to pay me from the time I got let go. I'm tempted to just keep the checks and not cash for a little bit unitl my circumstance closes. any suggestions? Thanks.