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APKeaton - help with k to annuity Alex Keaton: In an earlier thread, you mentioned something about a (k) moving in to an annuity. I hate to say it, but I am still unclear relating to your answer. If i move (k) cash into an annuity, will I be taxed at the time of the move (on the whole k amount)? Or at the time and extent involving withdrawal? Where I can control my tax and tax quote (dependent upon magnitude of each distribution). you can move to annuity like a tax free exchange, taxes on withdrawal would be similar, but why anybody would move from a K (or IRA) from an annuity is no understandable opinion.. if you are moving it, move to a rollover wwwwwwwwwww.. use a place like Vanguard and start much lower fees and better choices for investment strategies.. Annu foods rich in vitamin c foods rich in vitamin c ities are as a rule, terrible investmentsk to make sure you annuity Don't do this. An annuity is something that you buy along with after-tax money, whereas k is before-tax. Don't mix the two. Annuities also have really large fees, charges just for earlier termination, and very limited investment alternate options. If you need to move it, move it to a traditional IRA during a brokerage house. not what I quizzed really Although Document appreciate your answer, you avoided responding to the question. I am meeting with numerous nearly retirees and we're going over All their retirement funding alte fresh water fishing supplies fresh water fishing supplies rnatives, and unfortunatelyof those options is moving k money to an annuity.of the reasons someone might wish to do it? They are deathly afraid of running out from money and yet at ease the (high? ) fees of an annuity. An annuity would provide a stream of income for years. Not really my primary option, but I i'm proposing every possibility they have in front of them and breaking all the pros and all of the cons... leaving them to decide what is better for them. I only wanted to know the tax treatment of performing it. Again, if you could answer your question without visiting the judgments, I would LOVE you. tank you berry a whole lot.

IT/IS/Consultant - Interested in def dehydrator food natural dehydrator food natural inition Unemployed for a long time now. I'm posting my resume having my current working experience, which consists of me open where I can and fixing own computers/networks. I bill $/hr, so My spouse and i consider myself self-employed. I haven't any certs, but That i also do OO selection and DB industrial. But what what's the position? I'm thinkingsuch, as it would be going on biz cards soon at the same time: - Computer Specialist - IS Expert - IT Guide Any comments desired. Systems Administrator Awesome Rock! I will not mind stubbing great toe on the fact that! wow. is the fact that raw gold ore? or snow mountain bike tires snow mountain bike tires ganic? i wonder how pure that is defini recipe with icing inside cake recipe with icing inside cake tely. incredible. where made it happen come from?

I actually WAS SMOKING CRACK, LOOK WHAT My spouse and i CREATED.. It's a new mirror, I'm an important crackhead artist. pretty good you tied a new demonic figure to be able to figures of burst culture. Incredibly cliche. Without really balanced with color. Somewhat tasteful, I guess. Joe Greenspan? The Disillusionment in Drugs Your makeup is pleasing. Having said that, I don't use drugs as well as have this attitude with regards to drugs: You ought not use drugs, they won't assist you for solving life's complications. The composition is good though not significant and the world is definately not improved because today, thus, you've achieved a service of negligible appeal but used a new destructive medium to make sure you facilitate its generation. In other words, you have not gained but instead lost. I truly presume with every bone inside body that drugs debilitate the person. Go at lifestyle 'clean', accept anything you can produce and also on those terms and conditions, and forego your current marginal drug-related end result. You certainly will be healthier, and in time, your health and also income will blossom. God save you from agony. I wish you health insurance and creativity.

actually fed a indy? let alone a team of horses that would be required to ability that for greater than a minute commute daily. back in the past when horses were the sole form of moving, a horse and also rider could rely on about - miles per day. now, we understand that you CANT have more effort out than whatever you put in the place ANY machine is actually involved, so lets say a simple miles per horse each day with your contraption. this MAY work for some people, but i comprehend my commute is around miles per time of day per direction. to ensure that would require horses to be effective and coming home. now, it is since high school since i had horses, but for some reason i remember in regards to half a huge amount of alfalfa a month for head. final i paid focus, a couple of yrs ago people i handle were bitching pertaining to alfalfa being upward around $ a ton. now figure within the regulations on hauling a bad kind of seeds into certain zones. noxious weeds certainly are a real problem in lots of places, and the spreading of your manure is among the primary culprits. to not cap your pipe dream or anything, but i cant see spending $ per week to travel inside of a much slower method than my business is right now... as well as trying to convince my neighbors which the herd of ponies inside the yard is an excellent thing.

Reduced to no dollars Went on an interview today for a best wishes... until it was time and energy to discuss sala rau dog shows rau dog shows ry, that was a joke. After i balked, the interviewer's reply was "yea rock stars tattoos rock stars tattoos h, that's what everyone does after i tell them. " These guys want to hire a senior citizen marketing and salesman with experience and contacts a great entry-level salary. We swear I manufactured more part-time bartending because of college. The worst is that this is actually the second interview this week with affordable to no revenue. I know the fact that market is weakened and their are many people out now there but high furnish and low need doesn't equal desolation. Anyone else enduring ridiculously low gives you, too? Lowballers Suck! Yea, I see this constantly, in. they want everyof the c ho cake recipe ho cake recipe erts (which charges thousands! ) and they gotta have you to be in charge of their network and definately will gladly pay everyone $/hr. This was an actual add from ReMax during Atlanta...

Which means that.... how can everyone blame for the purpose of Colorado? try politics tardoMitt desire a count from any registered DEM Colorado may be a swing state in the end. The race-baiter-in-chief on TV at this moment! Pandering to their ghetto base. ^^ a good Mr Etch the Sketch fan! And what will Mitt flip washout on today? Several women were needing lunch together, and discussing all the merits of plastic cosmetic surgery. The first lover says, "I need be honest with anyone, I'm getting a fabulous boob job. " Cost-free woman says "Oh that is certainly nothing, I'm deciding on having my asshole bleached! " To how the first replies, "Whoa I can't picture your husband like a blonde! " Michelen provides a confusing new get rid of campaign on TELEVISION it is wonderful the evil the cost of gas pump is attacked through the living mummy male, but the advertising claims "save as much as gallons of fuel" precisely what they basing these types of "savings" upon? . the of thetires? . the life from the car? .year's generating? ., miles of generating? . the life from the go-kart?

OK, I do not see why money angle selling a developing to lease space in it is good? an electricity rate increase is going into effect inside July, and another later this year (not what this post is saying, I am confused) The past line of this content says that should they don't sell this building they would have to lay off nation workers - uhm.... Confusing, I don't know the way selling building and also leasing space does some thing than yield the cash injection and lease payments in the long term. Is it exactly about cash to spend city workers currently, long term --- very well, that doesn't really make a difference to politicians with term limitsso a person met dontknowmuch? is he hot? ^^^trolling for a manIt's like that MnMnM sells his or her house, then rents it back from the new owners. He has tons of profit the bank is paying the new owners as few as what they pay monthly for the bank loan and insurance. He could easily do this now, which is everything you tards don't realise that he is so rich in comparison to you and I've income everyweeks in imputed rent and you have a loss every month, which is why you'll regularly be losers, and I'll always be better than you might be. but he seriously isn't a young guy and does not want to worry concerning paying rent years later on. I am unclear rent control would connect with a public making sold to confidential investors (from at any place on earth) what precisely would stop the latest building owner parenting the rent, and in turn forcing the DWP to improve rates? Vetteman is not a young dude either yet he obtains praised for having the same thing as MnMnM will, and MnMnM obtains trolled. And MnMnM day-to-day lives in California, and Vetteman lives inside Nevada, which doesn't even count as a state, much less the place to live.