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Just where would we often be now if religon seemed to be never I say . have colonized a good number of our galaxy alreadyWe never colonized Antarctica though... Fuck the penguins. D-artist moved there to start to be more frigidColonizing The Arctic is going to be profitable But... Assuming they took extra environmental care it is not be financially rewarding. But I bet there may gold in t magic trade show vegas magic trade show vegas he land in the arctic. Oil, your old watches, rare earths, all those things shit. does reigion give up us from looking faster than ligh lgt? I do not likely think soReligions lessen the pace of science If never for religious fucktards, research relating to the single most providing project to overcome cancers and genetic defects is often pursued... =Stem phone research. Religion is the platform for simple minded cavemen. Top science is fine living prevention provides great improvements over cure.

NEWS ALERT: If you pay $/month for life-long insurance, you are financially savvy as well as a BUSINESS GENIUS! and if you die, your family will be able to live for approximately a year with your assets. My wife plans to put on to medical universities soon... do you truly think she'll turn out to be struggling? what's about to stop her from finding a bachelors in biology as a bare minimum? bachelor's degree qualifies you to wash beakers in a lab for $/hrwrong... there are lab jobs that are available that pay around k and up... and regardless, she could execute a couple more classes to become a medical tech (worst circumstance scenario) As i've said in past times, the plan is usually to apply to health-related school, dentistry classes, optometry school, podiatry school... Pharma school as a back up... and there are still more back ups and then. She'll be alright. Dude, I Employ a bachelor's in the field of biology. I don't think you are aware of what a shitty deceased end job beginner's biology job is definitely. If you get hit because of a truck she should have enough money to put micro through medschool without needing to work at most. Or, at the very least - keep the property out ofit's the minimum cost in the actual big picture I don't see why he's so obstinate with this. dude, you are so wrong within this life insurance thing, it's not still funny.

dreading likely to my comfy company job tomorrow I understand I know... I should end up glad just to possess a job, yet alonewithin an extremely competitive creative industry with cool clients plus a steady paycheck. However FUUUUUCK. The folks are work with happen to be so boring! And also the office is hushed and anti-social. I've got a huge meeting on an enormous new project that I will be running, and not getting covered. Getting a dime for each and every dollar I bill PISSES ME DOWN. Can't I really steal my clients and commence my own clinic? Have you tried using Adderall or Ritalin The idea of those prescription drugs are so can focus without be distracted related to your surroundings. They're really the best meds in existence. You may own slight adult ADHD even because of your post. Maybe ask your physician for a trial?? do you benefit the pharma trade? youre always for here pushing drugsMaybe it's time To get started ing him designed for spamming the forums. adderall is dextroamphetamine sulfate. after i was a adolescent, we ate a huge selection of dexies (not at any given time, of cour hilariously funny jokes hilariously funny jokes se) plus would babble enlessly atanother. went on a vacation to the colorado river that's about all most people ate... crazy. m has changed it is front page rather than a map with the world there is actually a graphic of your cellphone their tagline about "connect with the people in a life" has been consumed why would people chang upload gps base map to magellan upload gps base map to magellan e now, the reason why this week?

I would like a job and soon... I'm sacrificing hope! Ok I am just desperate now, and seriously losing hope which can be just making my depression worse!. I will be not working, and can't seem to discover a job anywhere, I am going out, for the career center, on the web, door-to-door and no backs and I'm doing everything the many interview and software and resume classes have told do and I am not finding whatever work. I have recently been receiving unemployment and just scrapping by to be able as it is and out of the blue it stopped considering that I missed a date, in which I've made and have jumped through all of their hoops to prove to them that I'm trying, that is my personal only current income and contains now been halted (don't ever miss a scheduled visit they say to venture to! ). Nothing is apparently going my way, I live having my sister who gets to me about obtaining a job and moving outside her house, I'm tired to be a mooch not to mention I'm not going in order to give my son who's going to be barely any Christmas presents as it is. All I would like is a work, I've worked construction for decades, and retail, and also waitressing, many several jobs, i wish to keep moving near, I'm not fearful of hard toil, I'm very friendly and I simply need a job to at the very least pay off the layaway for that few presents I picked out for him, if anyone knows of anything mo havasu falls hiking havasu falls hiking re possible for me to try and do to make some profit to keep afloat (while I am waiting on having been fired, if that ever h bsa motorcycle part bsa motorcycle part appens) I might really appreciate it. Thanks for playing.

Hurricanes forming during the Gulf this saturday or sunday... YAY - now you will get to see REAL DEVASTATION katrina was fiction compared to what�s coming - let's observe oboma deals this particular FIASKOI have been watching youtube the past times so I will be able to better understand an individual's lust for fiasco and disaster -- new impressionable minds really are conditioned to want disaster and death and various other non humane issues the scriptwriters dream up a great sadness, not boding very well for society for generalaptly said as a result of an aging mofoer. That i went without TV for months following a switch from analog to digital FYI, we are all aging, that is an aspect of life : even the teens reading this really are aging - newborns age as soon as of birth which can be lifeall is relaxed... Speaking of fake meat..... Quorn has seriously changed gaming. The naked cutlets by yourself have added a huge amount of variety by with them with different marinades. (I we hadn't eaten Jerk Chicken in years! ) It's so frustrating though they've already so many a great deal more products in Western world..... I can't wait to be able to start making all of them over here! Hamburger, deli slices, pate, ribs, escalopesI really enjoy the tenders : so good in fajitas and blend fries. They don't have the texture about fake meats which describe why I like him or her. Omnivores I've served quorn dishes to totally like the preferences and texture likewise. Good stuff. You bet! I will do not eat tofu repeatedly! i wish many made an egg-free variation: (.

UE Speed Drops "The p'cent civilian unemployment price, meanwhile, was down a notch belonging to the percent registered through May. It matched the jobless rate in September and was bested only utilizing a percent unemployment fee in August. "Hooray, alot more jobs at McDonalds and I hear they should have new uniforms so wow, many double whammyNope - McJobs are flat, wages at all time high Non supervisory hourly (inflation adjusted) wages tend to be their all instance high. You're the person who's cherry picking You: "see that more individuals are making less as opposed to they did up to now and the expense of living just for more items is getting higher and more significant, it's a considering the fact that we are in the serious financial crisis" This is all anecdotal cherry selecting. The gvt's CPI wwwwwwwwwww(which I'm sure actually *over* declares inflation) is a greater measure than that which you "see". Gas is nowhere near an all time high when considering real dollars. People's incomes are rising faster than the fee for living. You undoubtedly are a clueless numb-nut. Interpretation: More people dropped off UI... DeBunker, you can retain posting this bs on here more and more, but no a single believes you and you and your a lot of nicknames. If you're dropped from UI and you temporarily stop hunting, you aren't counted within the unemployment rolls. Unemployment will be as bad the way it always was otherwise worse. These lies growing really tiresome from you since you also really don't know what the hell you might be talking about... You should really quit whilst you're behind.

Need reasons to not write to ex-employer There isn't any problem burning every bridges here. The problem was such which it was insane -- textbook insane. It's been per annum, and all I will say about producing the letter was that eachother attempts during closure have bad, and, even though I art smock toddler art smock toddler will undoubtedly sound more crazy compared to the employer truly is without a doubt, NOT being capable of communicate these thoughts, continues to be a dilemma. Oh yes. Additionally, there is the issue of your week of pay out still owed. This was a non-profit, expert situation. Excuse the above mentioned, and do i highly recommend you tell me why this shouldn't be d Why it won't solve anything. Why it won't heal the acute wounds... please... even when they're completely ridiculous and boorish, why lower yourself to their position? Remain positive. Captain Cornholiowrite a letter but do not mail it, burn off it instead. superb advice I agree with the fact.. I've done any symbolic act I will think of. Indeed. I wrote and also burned a correspondence. I offered the application up and away using the wind -- appeared to be probably lucky I didn't purchase a fine for polluting... I have prayed, tried so that you can forgive... More specifics -- I cannot understand how I failed every single ignore the dualities and just give good results. While I realize this post might have been in the Psych discussion board, this is very specific to the very odd work place, and besides, this is actually the sanest, and kindest, forum I've seen. Non-profits could be hellish employers Especially since all of our expectations areand the reality is quite another. I've had my share of handling non-profits and I might think twice well before joiningonce. The politics are usually deadly, people are mean-spirited and others are really not really what I anticipated to find in a non-profit world and I did. My suggestion is that you should leave it alone and take into account your future, your own goals, and your dreams- not even whatever happened previously. The more you consider and anyalyze that, the more power and importance it could have that you experienced - don't allow the experience be so crucial that you you. If you need, do what other poster here suggested- compose the letter and let it go. FYI- in the particular non-profit world, the greatest incidence of litigation are employment similar.